Shop owners

Not many people can go to the all the shops in their surroundings to get to know what products they offer and to compare the prices. People are force to do their daily shoppings in the big shopping malls, that reach them through their marketing campaigns.

Goal of our company is to make the shops more visible to our clients through our mobile application CoShopping. Our app best suits the shops, which do not market their products through mass media in such scale as supranational chain stores. Either from the reason of huge financial investment requirements to buy the media space or the lack of know-how how to create the effective marketing campaign.

Through the CoShopping app we connect these shops with their potential customers in a budget-wise efficient way. We do it by propagating their products in a form of discounts in our app. With our help the shops can reach the the mass of people, that is usually in the exclusively in the reach of the big chain stores.

For this purpose we offer to shops our web-based system for entering the discounts and watching the view statistics of their products. Web-based system is designed to be easy to use and it does not require much time to learn all of its features. We also offer technical support for work with our system for free.

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